Praise for Celebrate You're Hired

“WOW! This is truly the ultimate resource manual.  It has everything you need and more to know how to maximize and simplify your job search.” Suzy Prudden, internationally acclaimed Speaker, Author and Seminar leader

” The PhD of job finding, Go Get Hired enjoy your life!” David Corbin Mentor to the Mentors Author, Speaker, Inventor Advisor


Celebrate Youre Hired Endorsement

– David Corbin -

“This is the ultimate resource manual.  It has everything, thousands of sites to find employment, sample resumes &  cover letters, salary negotiations and more.  By far the most complete and comprehensive job finding guide I have ever seen.” Butch Taylor Composer Writer Keyboardist of the Dave Mathews Band

” Celebrate you’re hired is one of the most comprehensive and resourceful books to help people find jobs they love I have seen in a long time.  The tools and tips will revolutionize the experience people have in the entire process of finding employment from start to finish.”Jill Lublin international speaker and bestselling author of 3 books including: Get noticed Get referrals with McGraw Hill.

– Jill Lublin - and

“Finally a book that tells it like it is and takes the time to give a job seeker hope and resources to minimize the search and maximize the opportunities.”

                                                                                  Greg S Reid ~ Best selling Author

                             Think and Grow Rich: Three Feet From Gold (and) Napoleon Hill’s Road to Riches

– Greg S. Ried -

“Choosing a career that empowers you is the first step, the rest is the support to help you get there.  This book covers the A to Z of job finding.”

-T. Harv Eker, Author of #1 NY Times Bestseller Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

– T. Harb Eker -

Celebrate Your Hired is bleeding edge technology for JOBS JOBS JOBS the priority the world needs when yesterday is already too late. Josef Stetter has created IT’S A SMALL WORLD for the career seeker – anyone who knows someone in transition world wide – you must GIFT them CELEBRATE YOUR HIRED as the LIFT They need YESTERDAY. Berny Dohrmann Chairman largest entrepreneur help organization 140 countries author SUPER ACHIEVER MIND SETS.

– Berny Dohrmann -

Take this book directly to the cashier and buy it now!

In a world of recycled strategies, Josef Stetter has hit a homerun with CELEBRATE – YOU’RE HIRED.

His ideas are new, innovative and perfect for the times we are in.

Josef shows you how to take your uniqueness and position yourself as the “employee of choice”

for the companies who are looking for you and your gifts, talents and abilities.

– Barry Spilchuk -

“Most books offer theories, this one delivers proven systems that guarantee results. If you want to achieve your destiny, start here!”

– Patrick Snow, International Best-Selling Author of Creating Your Own Destiny and The Affluent Entrepreneur

– Patrick Snow -

“Congratulations You’re Hired is about empowering people.  It is the insider information that people need to hear in order to maximize the efficiency of finding a job.” Bob Proctor, International Best Selling Author, Speaker, Coach, Mentor and star of the movie “The Secret”

– Bob Proctor -

“Move over, What Color Is Your Parachute: The world’s first complete nuts-and-bolts tool box for getting your next job has finally arrived! Josef Stetter’s Congratulations You’re Hired is the most tools-rich, take-charge, job-securing book I’ve ever seen. A great resource for consultants too!” ~ David Gruder, PhD, psychologist, 8-book-award-winning self-development & integrity expert, and trusted business advisor

– Dr. David Grudger PhD, DCEP -